Instructor: Amanda Dicken
$125 //  6:00-8:00 pm  //  Mondays  // October 10-Nov 14

In this class, we will cover the basics of creating overlaid art with papers and other 2D materials. Students will be able to choose to work with landscapes, portraiture, or purely non-objective images. We will use a variety of papers, including decorative and construction papers, tissue paper and newspaper. Students will even learn to make their own hand-made paper and use it in their work. We'll experiment with marbling use acrylic paints and other media to round out our mixed media experience.

Required Materials:
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18x24 or larger mixed media paper, 5 sheets
artist tape
16x20 white art board, 3 sheets
rubber cement (a pint of Best Test Paper Cement is recommended)
mod podge
1 glue brush
3-5 acrylic brushes in a variety of sizes (Connoisseur Brushes recommended)
2-4 acrylic paint colors (M. Graham acrylic paints recommended)
decorative papers
old magazines, newspapers, etc from home

Optional Materials:
oil pastel
chalk pastel
other colored media