Instructor: Lynda E. Chandler
$150 // Ages 15+

Session I  - Tuesdays+Thursdays // May 29th-June14 // 5:30-8pm
Session II - Saturdays // June 9th-July 7th // NOON-3pm

After completing Botanical Illustration for Beginners you will be ready for this class. You will complete a graphite pencil drawing of a plant and some of its interesting features. Composition for a finished painting will be addressed. Color will be introduced after a brief lesson of the color wheel and cool vs. warm colors. You will then transfer your drawing to 300lb. hot press watercolor paper, and begin the exciting process of applying color. Acrylic watercolor uses acrylic paints applied in thin washes which build up to the desired colors. You are welcome to choose either Session I or Session II. 


REQUIRED SUPPLIES (available at Larkin Arts at a 10-40% discount for members of this class)

Acrylic Paint, M. Graham, in the following colors: (40% discount at Larkin)
Hansa Yellow
Quinacridone Magenta (available as a Basics product)
Pyrol Red
Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Violet
Sap Green
Raw Umber

M. Graham White Gouache .5 oz. tube (25% discount at Larkin)

Brushes: (40% discount at Larkin)
Connoisseur Sable Mix Round #6
Connoisseur Sable Mix Round #000

Paper: (10% discount at Larkin)
Arches 300# Hot Press Watercolor paper, 22x30 (full or half sheet)