Instructor: Peg Sheridan
$165 //  6:00-8:00 pm  //  Tuesdays  // March 21-April 25 // Beginner - Intermediate


If you missed the fun of the recent watercolor class with Peg, be sure to sign up before this one fills up!  Join Peg as she leads you through weekly exercises, designed to improve your watercolor painting skills.  Lessons will cover many types of subject matter, such as: spring flowers, figures in a scene, animals, city scenes, texture, etc.  Each will focus on skills such as: painting smooth washes, knowing the right water to paint ratio, color mixing, drawing skills, brushwork, understanding color, etc.  Classes will start with a review of homework, then a demonstration, and then painting time.   Peg will offer individual help to all.  Color handouts will help you to follow along and practice at home.  In just a few weeks, you will see significant improvement in your skill!  Each class offers a new technique, idea, or approach.  

 Peg has been painting for 35 years and teaching watercolors for 16 years. She is known for her encouraging, positive way of teaching. You will be amazed what you can do in 6 weeks! Check out her work at www.pegsheridan.com

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I am not particular about brushes or paints, but I insist on Arches 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper. This is why: it is impossible to do the techniques I teach using cheap paper. You will need 2 sheets (22X30). Do not bring Strathmore of any weight.
Watercolor brushes, including: 1″ flat, #8 or #10 round, a rigger (#2, 3, or 4) and any other brushes you may want to bring. Bring your largest sized brushes, as they will help you to paint more loosely. A scrubber brush (#3, 4, or 6), are useful.
A covered palette or a clear or white plastic plate, etc. If you cover it after a painting session, you can reuse the paint. Otherwise, a white china or plastic plate works for a palette.
Student or professional grade in a yellow, red, blue, brown. Colors I recommend are: gamboge yellow, Alizarin Crimson or Rose Madder, Ultramarine blue, Burnt sienna, and Sap Green. Add any of your favorite colors.
A board:
Any firm surface, such as masonite, foamcore, etc. It should be at least 10X12.

The rest:
-A drawing pencil (B or HB or H)
-Sketchbook or loose paper, to take notes and make small sketches.
-Paper towels
-Water container