Beginning Drawing for Adults

BeginningDrawing (1).jpg

Instructor: Amanda Dicken
$150 // Mondays // 6-8pm // May 21 – June 25

This comprehensive six week course covers the basics of shading, proportion, and perspective using still life objects and geometric forms.


Supplies needed:
Students in this class receive a 10% discount at Larkin Arts on all supplies for this course!

-HB, 6B, and 2H pencil
-General's kneaded eraser
-Sanding block
-1 matchbox set of 4 earth tone Conte crayons
-1 soft charcoal pencil
-1 white charcoal pencil
-1 compressed charcoal stick, 4B
-3 pack soft vine charcoal
-11” x 14” Drawing sketchbook (paper a little heavier than regular sketch paper)
-Pack of blending stumps (small or large)

-pencil sharpener
-12” ruler