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Sat, Oct 27, 11am-4pm (wetwork)
Sat, Nov 3, 2-5pm (glazing)

Course Fee:$100
Materials Fee $25 (Due at registration)

Ages 15+

Join us for a unique 2-session workshop.
Session 1: We'll use soft slabs to handbuild cups and mugs, applying texture and stretching the clay to make unique shapes. This method doesn't involve a pottery wheel -- just your hands, objects for texture, and shaping tools. We'll play around with using textures from everyday objects, and make some of our own with craft foam. Then we'll stretch the clay to turn straight cylinders and cones into organic shapes. We'll also explore some simple slab handles. All pieces will be bisque fired.
Session 2: We will glaze our mugs with food-safe glazes so our mugs and cups can be functional!

Everyone should be able to make 2-4 cups or mugs, depending on how quickly you work, and how much you want to explore :). Several breaks will be included during the first class, feel free to bring lunch/snacks or plan go out.

Ros O'Brien is a potter who primarily handbuilds mugs and other functional pottery, and dabbles in whimsical birdhouses. Ros is one of our studio artists, and you can often find her building her mugs in Studio 2, where she shares wall space with her fiance's quirky street photography. To keep up with what she's working on, you can follow her on Instagram, or learn more on her website.



  • Don't fret if you can't attend the glazing session! You can still participate in the class if you can't come to the glazing! (We may even reschedule if a number of people cannot attend.)
  • Be prepared to get a bit dirty! Clay is essentially just mud, and will wash out of most clothes, but for glazing day, you’ll want to either bring an apron, or something you’re okay staining.
  • If you’re interested, we can talk about making stamps and rollers as well, and we should have room in the kiln for you to make your own if you like.



    • clay (cone 6 white stoneware, don’t worry if you don’t know what that means!)
    • A variety of food-safe glazes
    • 2 kiln firings
    • A customized yard-stick for rolling clay
    • Craft foam
    • Shared equipment for everyone to use (supplied by Larkin and the instructor)
      • Variety of shaping tools, needle tools, etc
      • Ribs
      • Rolling pins
      • Towels
      • Textures, stamps, and rollers


    PLEASE FEEL FREE (but you are not obligated) TO BRING:

    • Objects you think will make for interesting textures — textured fabric, string, wood, etc. 
    • A smooth wooden spoon for stretching clay (shouldn’t have sharp edges)
    • Your favorite cups or mugs for inspiration
    • A large lidded container for clay scraps
    • An apron
    • Exacto knife or other small, sharp knife for cutting clay (can be purchased from Larkin shop)
    • Your favorite shaping or cutting tools, if you are a potter and already have equipment (but please put your name on them so they don’t get lost)
    • A banding wheel (or lazy susan), if you have one


    Class Size: 10 students max, 4 students minimum