This is an agreement between the “Artist”, as listed above, and Larkin Arts by which we agree as follows:

  • The artist will bring or ship all artwork for the show to Larkin Arts and be present for the hanging of show unless both parties otherwise agree.

  • All artwork will be in compliance with presentation/hanging guidelines, found on our website.

  • The artwork will remain on display for the entirety of the show duration and the artist may not remove it for any reason.

  • The artist agrees to send any photos, statement, biography and label information by the requested dates.

  • Larkin Arts has permission to photograph the artist’s artwork for the purpose of promoting the galleries. These images may be used on the Larkin Arts website, or in promotional materials to advertise the gallery and current/future exhibitions.

  • Larkin Arts has permission to allow local news sources and the Arts Council of the Valley to film, photograph or write about work for promotional purposes.

  • Larkin Arts will promote the show through printed posters hung throughout Harrisonburg, a Facebook event and posts, and on, as well as other possible printed, online and public promotional marketing.

  • There is a 30% commission charge for all gallery sales made by Larkin Arts. Payment for artwork sales will be available to the artist at the front desk when picking up the show or will be mailed within 10 days of show's end. The artist agrees not to make side deals outside the gallery for work in the Larkin show. While the work is hanging, all sales during this time must go through Larkin Arts. If work is sold within 1 year after the show, but the artist can reasonably determine that the work was originally seen at Larkin Arts or because of promotion for the show at Larkin Arts, the artist agrees to pay Larkin Arts a 30% commission.

  • Delivery of sold artwork to the buyer is the responsibility of Larkin Arts.

  • The artist will be in attendance for the duration of the opening reception.

  • Larkin Arts will provide refreshments and music for the opening reception.

  • It is the artist’s responsibility to pick up work on the agreed-upon date, and to contact Larkin Arts if there is an emergency or to give permission for someone else to pick up the work. If shipping, the artist is responsible for providing paid return shipping labels, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

  • Larkin Arts does not have adequate space for safe art storage and if work becomes damaged as a result of failure to pick up on the above mentioned date, no fault will be placed on Larkin Arts or its employees.

  • Larkin Arts charges a storage fee of $10.00 per piece per day, beginning 2 days after the above stated pick up date. Work will not be released until this fee is paid for the sum of the days it is stored.

  • It is the artist’s responsibility to insure their own work. Larkin Arts is not responsible for insuring work while on display or being stored.

  • Larkin Arts takes every precaution to care for the work when on display. The artist releases Larkin Arts from liability for damage or theft while on display.

  • The artist is responsible for and agrees to pay for any damage to the gallery walls or floor incurred during the exhibit of their work and due to improper display hardware or use of materials that are unsafe, unless given express written permission. Examples include but are not limited to: damage to the floor because of heavy art falling or damage to the wall because of hanging device or artwork materials breaking, spilling or melting onto the wall.

  • The artist agrees not to exhibit work from this show within a 45-mile radius of Harrisonburg for 1 year prior to this exhibit or 6 months after this exhibit. The work should not have ever shown in a First Fridays Downtown Harrisonburg venue prior to the show, unless a special, written arrangement has been made with the director. The artist will not have an art show of any work in a First Fridays Downtown Harrisonburg venue for 4 months before or after this show unless a special, written arrangement has been made with the director.