Image by Katie Schmid of The Commoneer

Image by Katie Schmid of The Commoneer


Artwork is usually hung on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the First Friday of each Month, exceptions are made for out-of-town artists and we often hang the weekend before.

Artwork MUST be ready to hang – If you do not know what we mean by this, please find out – if your work is anything other than framed 2D work that has a wire across the back and hangs on one nail – make sure you talk with us about presentation/installation when applying. This is REALLY important and can be the difference between a 2 hour installation and a 6 hour installation. Also, make sure that your hanging device does not show when on the wall. Nails, wire, etc should not be visible once hung.

Why Do We Care So Much?
Why do we want you to use a hanging device? Why can’t we just hang a canvas on one nail and balance it in the middle? Why can’t we just use two nails? Why do we want some work framed at all?

1. TIME: Because hanging from wire or another centered piece of hardware makes the piece able to be leveled quickly and easily, which is great for installation because taking the time to put in two nails that are perfectly level can often double or triple our installation time-and that matters when most installations are a minimum of 2 hours.
2. MAINTENANCE: It is also great for maintenance-more holes in our walls means more to maintain and less time between now and having to put up an entirely new wall!
3. SAFETY: Wire or other hanging devices keeps your piece safe if accidentally bumped or if doors slam, bass music is thumping, the wind is high, whatever reason your piece might become off center, we want to make sure it does not fall. One nail without wire does not offer this.
4. PRESENTATION: When your light or medium weight work hangs on one nail without wire, it easily and often becomes crooked on the wall, creating more work to level each day and making your show look unprofessional. This would, of course, be the opposite of our goal, which is to highlight your amazing work.

Also, keep in mind the professional presentation required in framing – no poster frames or items mounted on mats without frames. Framing can be unconventional and raw and does not have to be expensive. But it does have to be on purpose and should highlight rather than detract from your work. We've had a lot of diversity in accepted presentation. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to talk with us about it. We’re here to help! And we are open to new ideas for sure!
So please keep in mind – when planning your budget for your show, don’t forget to include quality presentation as well. It makes such a big difference and shows the public how much you value your own work.

5. NECESSITY: Also our walls are made of drywall, with studs few and far between. If you have a heavy piece and the layout of the room keeps us from being able to hit a stud, we often use monkey hooks or picture frame hangers, which are able to be pushed into the drywall and hold a good deal of weight. However, without wire, we are unable to use those devices and this creates a time consuming issue to be resolved and could result in the piece being removed from the show.


If you are interested in a show, please click on the link below to look at our gallery contract for other important information.