The studios at Larkin Arts are a place to work, focus, spread out, and benefit from collective creativity in a space dedicated to art making.

Local artists and Artists-In-Residence use these spaces to create, display and sell their artwork in a central, downtown location. A couple artists are even incubating a new small business! Stop in to see artists in action and check out the new bookstore.






Meridian Books & Games is a small bookstore owned by Vince and Morgan Paixão offering graphic novels, art and children's books, as well as tabletop games and gift ideas. Both Vince and Morgan are visual artists; Vince specializing in pen and ink media, while Morgan in oil painting. The two have been a part of Harrisonburg's arts community for years and are excited to become even more involved. They have carefully curated Meridian's selection; striving to provide unique and inspiring resources for creatives of all kinds. 



From the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay to the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, Sarah moved to Harrisonburg to finish her undergraduate degree in graphic design. After falling in love with the community here, she quickly found her place as a full-time graphic designer in marketing and part-time freelancer and gallery director. 

Sarah has rekindled her early undergraduate love of painting. She moved into my studio at the beginning of 2016 in order to give herself room to grow, fail, spread out, make messes, and create a regular and more intentional studio practice. She enjoys to the flow of ideas, critiques, and personal growth that the creative environment cultivates.



Elwood “Trip” Madison III serving as the Art Director for Graphic Design at Larkin Arts since December 2013, Trip has made a name for himself in the downtown Harrisonburg arts community for his quirky and clever designs.

A Shenandoah Valley native, Trip graduated from JMU with a BFA in Interior Design and after traveling extensively for years he settled in Harrisonburg and has been working as a freelance graphic designer. Besides graphic design, Elwood has recently picked up painting with gouache, a medium that was recommended to him by a friend and toted for having qualities that relate to his graphic design style. He also enjoys experimenting with mixed media, pen drawing, watercolor painting and exploring different facets of film making.

When asked what he enjoys most about downtown Harrisonburg, Elwood said, “The level of support for artists in this community coupled with the density of inspirational talent in proportion to the population is exactly what I want.”



Andy says he’s a guy that “picks up hobbies.” Constantly looking for new and fun things to learn, from home brews to engineering, this website developer has now landed upon watercolor. For the sheer joy of learning to mix colors, to paint wet-in-wet or to figure out how to layer this difficult and translucent medium, Andy joined Larkin Arts in September 2013 and has been teaching himself ever since. “It is difficult to pursue anything entirely by yourself, so simply being surrounded by other people doing amazing things is a good motivator.” Larkin’s studio space also provides Andy a unique opportunity to feed both sides of his brain through his water color pursuits as well as his online start-up company Pickarious.

Founded in May 2013 Pickarious is a video-based online marketplace where people can showcase their products in video format. For example, artists can create time lapse videos of them creating their work and post it on Pickarious. Not only does the video help sell the work, but it also helps to sell the artist. This is just one example of how this versatile marketplace can be utilized.  The creative atmosphere provided by Larkin Arts gives artists a unique space to explore all types of art whether it is watercolors or website design. As a husband and father of 3 boys, we think the example he sets by being constantly curious about the world is just amazing. Andy is a testament to something we wholeheartedly believe at Larkin: That it is never too late to realize your artistic dreams! Thanks, Andy!