Jaynie Rogers

In this fun-filled week, we will learn about and create abstract art! We will explore abstract art through colors, lines, and shapes. During this class, we will take field trips outside and be inspired by the world around us. We will create watercolor paintings, collage, and more! Let loose and do something crazy-like paint with your feet!

ACRYLIC PAINTING ON CANVAS      (The PM section of Acrylic Painting on Canvas is FULL)
Cyndi Gusler

Create two beautiful paintings in this class. Paint a landscape of your favorite beach, the mountains at sunset or an enchanted forest. Then set a table with iced lemonade and cupcakes, throw open the windows and let the breeze in. Paint that scene, and take it home to remind you of Summer all year round!

ACT UP          (Act Up is FULL)
Rebecca Rogers

Interested in theater? Like to perform? Here's a chance to be a star! Act up and have fun as you explore the wonderful world or theater. Play theater games, become different characters, and even try costume makeup design as you enjoy this new class!

Malea Gascho + Erin Conway

Building, sculpting, shaping, oh my! We'll try many different methods of making three-dimensional art with a wide variety of materials. Prepare to get hands-on with these daring dimensional discoveries!

AMAZING ANIMALS & BEAUTIFUL BOTANICALS       (The AM section of Amazing Animals & Beautiful Botanicals is FULL)
Cyndi Gusler

Improve your drawing, painting and printmaking skills while delving into the natural world.  We will have excursions into the pocket parks of Harrisonburg where we will draw from life and our imaginations.  Add washes of color to your drawings and make one of a kind watercolor prints from your sketches. 

CREATURE CREATION    (Creature Creation is FULL)
Hannah Patteson

Invent and then construct your own imaginary creatures! After a walk around downtown Harrisonburg observing our local environment, you will create a creature and make it come to life with a little bit of fabric, sewing, and creativity.

Hannah Patteson

Explore the downtown area and gather found objects to create your very own invention! Make up new uses for everyday objects, and create unique combinations that perform an inventive task!

Hannah Patteson

Learn how to embroider your own patch to put on your backpack, lunch bag, purse, anywhere! Through stitching yarn you can make your own images come to life to say something to the world that you find meaningful, or to show off your style!

Valerie Smith

Dive into the worlds of mythology and Harry Potter to draw, paint and sculpt dragons, hippogriffs, thestrals and more! We'll make up our own magical creatures, too!

Jaynie Rogers

Have you ever wanted to play with your food? Well here's your chance! In this class, we will be making art that looks just like food. We will explore a variety of media in this class from ceramics to model magic to paper crafts. Our food will look just good enough to eat.

GRAPHIC NOVELS     (Both the AM and PM sections of Graphic Novels are FULL)
Laura-Paige Mertins

Join us to write and illustrate your own graphic novel! We will look at comics, play games, brainstorm, and make our characters out of clay!

MIXED UP ANIMALS     (The AM section of Mixed Up Animals if FULL)
Ashleigh Pugh

Welcome to a world of mysterious animals, silly animals, and find out where they live! We'll combine different animals together into one, use a funny texture, mix an animal with their habitat, play games, and have so much fun drawing, painting and printmaking!

Zach Dishman

Art inspired by sound! We will create musical instruments, album covers, sound waves, and more as we explore the world of art and music.

Jaynie Rogers

Let's blast off into outer space! Students will become explorers of the unknown world and will create artwork inspired by outer space! We will create both 2D and 3D artworks from designing our own undiscovered worlds to creating wearable works of art.

Malea Gascho + Erin Conway

We're gathering inspiration from around the world with handcrafts from different countries and cultures. Get a new stamp in your passport each day as we explore weaving, mandalas, calligraphy, and more!

STOP MOTION ANIMATION     (The PM section of Stop Motion Animation is FULL)
Rachel Lind

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an animator? Have you ever wondered how they make some of your favorite movies, like Kubo and the Two Strings or Nightmare Before Christmas? Join us for a week long workshop on stop motion animation. Students will work together to create characters and a story line that they will bring to life through stop motion animation techniques and using iPads.

TRASH TO TREASURE    (The PM section of Trash to Treasure is FULL)
Angel Woods

Have fun while using a variety of recycled materials to create awesome sculptures. We will use several techniques, like paper mache, to turn trash into treasure. This class will make you look at ordinary objects in a new way and it's good for the environment!

Christopher Michael

You have learned to paint and draw the “right way”. Join me in creating artwork that is all about the process! It’s not what you make, it is HOW you make it! Warning: be prepared for unusual methods of art-making!



This year we are again offering FUN FRIDAYS, an optional addition to your camp week. Instructors and projects will vary, but you will have opportunities to make art in all sorts of media, go on field trips and, of course, HAVE FUN!

JUNE 15, 29
JULY 13, 20, 27
AUGUST 3, 10

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