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3-D EXPLOSION (Both sections of this class are FULL*!)

Angel Woods
In this fun filled class, we will make several hands-on 3-D projects such as papier mâché sculptures, shrinky dink keychains, and more!

ABSTRACTION FACTION (Both sections of this class are FULL*!)
Christopher Michael

Ever painted with a straw? How about blindfolded? In this class you will create art in ways you have never IMAGINED! Maybe you will come up with a technique of your own!

ACT UP (This class is FULL*!)
Rebecca Rogers

Interested in theater? Like to perform? Here's a chance to be a star! Act up and have fun as you explore the wonderful world of theater. Play theater games, become different characters, and even try costume and makeup design as you enjoy this class!
In partnership with The Valley Playhouse, this class will be held at Court Square Theater, but drop off and pick up is at Larkin Arts.

Cyndi Gusler

Improve your drawing, painting, and printmaking skills while delving into the natural world. We'll visit the pocket parks of downtown Harrisonburg, drawing from life and our imaginations. Add washes of color to your drawings and make one of a kind watercolor prints from your sketches.

THE AMAZING RACE (Only 2 spots left in both the AM and PM class!)
Jaynie Smith

In this class we will travel around the world to learn about a new culture each day. Create Japanese inspired artwork, make mandalas, and even travel to the Arctic. Let’s get transported into a faraway place to learn about something new!

ANCIENT ARTS (Both sections of this class are FULL*!)
Christopher Michael

Discover what art is, where it came from, and why it is the way it is! We will travel back in time and create ancient art from around the world to discover more about creativity, art, and art history.

ART AS STORY TELLING (Both sections of this class are FULL*!)
Laura-Paige Keller

Join us this week as we explore how artists tell stories through drawing, painting, printmaking, comics, stop motion animation, and of course GAMES!

BEYOND THE BRUSH! (Sign up Today before it fills!)
Katie Curcio

Discover the magic of media in a fun-filled class that will spark your creative side! Practice various, fun painting methods bursting with color. Explore extraordinary reactions of non-traditional materials. We'll make marbled crafts, string-paintings, prints with every day objects, and more!

BY THE SEA (The AM // 6-9 year old class is FULL*! There are a couple spaces in the PM // 10-14 year old class!)

Mimi Guido

Do you love going to the beach? Create a variety of artwork inspired by the ocean! You will get to create your own watercolor seascape, 3-D sculptures of your favorite ocean animals, mermaids, monsters and more!

CARDBOARD CRAZE (The AM // 6-9 year old class is FULL*! Only Two Spaces Left in the PM // 10-14 year old class!)
Christopher Michael

It’s Art, but Everything.... will... be... made... of.... CARDBOARD! OK, Maybe a little glue and paint as well... but mostly cardboard!

CLAY CREATIONS (This class is FULL*!)
Jaynie Smith

Play with clay! We'll learn hand-building essentials to create our own forms out of clay. Let's make an animal whistle, put a face on a water bottle, and make our own storage containers! Once everything is completed, we will glaze our finished artworks with beautiful colors.

FUN WITH FIBERS (This class is FULL*!)
Jaynie Smith

In this class we will dye our own fabric, learn how to sew, and weave a work of art. Show off your newly learned skills to your friends in some wearable works of art!

MURAL ART (This class is FULL*!)

Have you ever wanted to paint on the WALLS? Well get ready to think BIG for this multimedia, collaborative mural. Together we’ll plan for, create, and install a mural in Larkin Arts. We will use a variety of materials - including paint, mosaic tiles, and textiles - to create a unique, colorful, and tactile work of public art for others to admire and enjoy. As we’re working and experimenting, you’ll also get to make your own canvas paintings with the same fun materials and techniques to take home and enjoy forever!

OPERATION ANIMAL RESCUE (Both sections of this camp are FULL*!)
Mimi Guido

Show your love for animals as we make art and help save lives! Cat's Cradle will come by with some kittens to pet and draw. Then we'll make acrylic paintings of animals that need homes and sell prints of our art to help with their care and adoption fees! We will also make some other super fun art, like sculpting bobble head animals out of clay that we'll paint with fun colors and so.much.more! We will most certainly visit with some different furry friends throughout the week, so don't miss it.

PRINTING PRODUCTIONS (The PM // 6-9 year old class is FULL! A couple spaces left in the AM // 10-14 year old class!)
Jaynie Smith

Create your own one of a kind prints! Explore the art of relief printing through carving into surfaces, making prints for one-time use, as well as making your own stamps. We'll travel around downtown to find unusual objects to help us make amazing works of art.

SENSATIONAL SCULPTING (Sign up Today before it fills!)
Jaynie Smith

Prepare to work in three dimensions! Learn how to sculpt things out of clay, model magic, cardboard, and wire. We will travel around the downtown area to become inspired by the 3-D world around us.

Angel Woods

Have a blast experimenting with different materials while you learn the fundamentals of watercolor.  We will learn about washes, wet & dry techniques, use saran wrap and even sprinkle our art with salt!  We will use music as inspiration, make bookmarks, watercolor landscapes and SO much more!   

Jaynie Smith

Lions, tigers, and bears, OH MY! Embark on a journey through the jungle to create works of art inspired by the creatures and plants living in these lands. Create animal masks, paintings, and more!

A WORLD OF MINIATURES (Both sections of this class are FULL*!)
Laura-Paige Keller

Travel with us to another world. We will make mini creatures, mini furniture, mini clothes, mini plants… your very own miniature world.

Don't forget about FUN FRIDAYS an optional addition to your camp week. Instructors and projects will vary, but you will have opportunities to make art in all sorts of media, go on field trips and, of course, HAVE FUN!

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